About Us

A Few Words About Us


We started Blue Arrow Technology out of recognition of the power of software and what it can do for any business.
The company is led by Ben Simon, an 18 year veteran in the software field. In that time Ben has worked on unique products ranging from cutting edge web-based corporate financial services as far back as 1998, real-time equities and derivative trading systems, and a complete rewrite of a high volume laboratory information management system.

What is clear to Ben and the partners at Blue Arrow Technology, is that the technology problems facing business today apply equally to all businesses, no matter the number of employees nor the size of the revenue stream. Communication breakdown, poor integration, incorrect choice of tools, and a disconnected user base are just a few of the recurring themes. We aim to correct those pitfalls for every project we work on. A free flow of ideas and communication helps us be sure we are moving in lock-step with our clients. By choosing the right tools and technologies, we help to future-proof systems and ensure the correct “culture-fit.”

We are motivated partners with our clients, striving to solve difficult workflow and thereby to make everybody’s day better. Computers and software are tools, and like any tool, having the right one for the job is key to growing and keeping your business operating at peak efficiency.

Core Methods


Any software project begins with a thorough analysis of the existing environment and requirements. We need to understand users and their needs in order to build software that will fully solve the issues at hand.


All of the major thinkers in software today agree…business moves fast. In many cases it can move faster than development cycles. So we must have flexible iterative development. We expect change instead of fighting it. Building systems to be extensible and maintainable is key.


Technology Agnostic.
It is an exciting time in the world of software development. More languages, databases and frameworks are available than ever before. As a result, we have dealt with quite a few of them. The question of “which is better” doesn’t really apply as the answer just may be “all of the above.” We learn new things all of the time and we don’t plan to stop anytime soon.